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WFDU-FM Underwriting Donor Information

WFDU-FM is a non-commercial radio station broadcasting to the New York metropolitan area at 89.1 mhz. and now available worldwide with live audio streaming on the Internet at wfdu.fm. There are a variety of musical formats and information shows currently airing including Americana, Bluegrass, R & B/Soul, Country, Blues, Folk, Alternative Rock, Latin, Jazz, Gospel, Doo Wop, The Beatles and Jewish. We also have Public Service shows, features, and radio theater.

Underwriting donor announcements are available on individual shows or in entire formats. An Underwriting Donor Announcement is a factual account of the product or service offered by the donor with appropriate contact numbers and information. There cannot be any “call to action” prompting the listener to buy, call or participate in any way. Simply stated, the script will contain “just the facts” and no opinion. It is produced to client specifications by WFDU with voice and music bed and will generally air at the top of the hour(s) indicated.

We offer the complete donor package as a 13-week buy in each format or show or smaller group or individual announcements can be underwritten. The cost of the individual announcement is $30.00 for each 30 seconds. The 13-week package is offered at a discount to the above pricing and varies depending on format or show.

For more information on underwriting on WFDU-FM contact Barry Sheffield or Wendee Tartaglia at (201) 692-2806, or email them at:

Barry: barrys@fdu.edu,
Wendee: wendeelu@fdu.edu

or fill out the form below.

Please fill out this form as complete as possible. Specific Underwriting Arrangements Are Negotiable.



Contact Name:  



State:                         Zip Code:

Telephone:              Fax:



Show/Format To be Underwritten:

Start Airdate:      End Airdate: 

Number of Announcements:

Would you like WFDU to produce the announcement?

Is there an outside producer?

Is there a specific WFDU-FM personality needed to voice the announcement?    

Is there any specific music to use as a music background?    

What would you like to say in your underwriting announcement?

(WFDU will edit to length and compliance to the FCC non-commercial radio guidelines and will submit copy to you for final approval.  Please include all pertinent information including locations, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, dates, times, product availability and variety.)