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Richard Sibello

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On The Record
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The Beatles: 2 by 4
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On The Record with Richard Sibello

Sundays, 1:00PM to 3:00PM Eastern Time

Q: Whatever happened to good music on the radio?

A: On The Record, Sundays from 1 to 3pm EST, on WFDU-FM.

Are you completely sick and tired of the commercial end of radio and their narrow-casting (read: narrow-minded) policies? Are you fed up with the completely brain-dead delivery of DJ's who just don't care about the music they play?

Would you actually like to turn on your radio and hear a song you haven't heard in years? Or one that you never knew existed, but would like to hear again?

Do you want to hear radio that focuses on MUSIC by real MUSICIANS, rather than elaborately-packaged garbage that some stupid radio consultant thinks will sell more hair spray?

Then tune in to On The Record, a weekly two-hour journey into one man's record collection. Host Richard Sibello delves into the world of the British Invasion, surf, garage rock, jazz, folk, novelty, heavy metal, 50s rock and roll, country and western, pop, new wave, rhythm and blues, punk, blues, and even polka (but only once in a while)!

Also, the last week of every month is dedicated to soul music with the continuing adventures of “The Classic Soul Blowout”!

Our slogan is “You never know what I'm going to drop the needle on next”, and it's the truth. You'll hear everything from Johnny Mathis to Johnny Cash to Johnny Rotten to Johnny Otis to Johnny and The Hurricanes! You're just as likely to hear a 78 rpm record from 1947 as you are to hear an FM rock staple from 1967 or a song that's probably on your MP3 player from 2007.

So dial up WFDU-FM every Sunday at 1:00 to hear Richard Sibello spin the great (and sometimes not-so-great) sides from his ever-expanding collection of 20,000 slabs of vinyl (and sometimes shellac)…….and remember, if it goes round and round to make a groovy sound, and you put the needle in the groove and it makes you move……..

………it's ON THE RECORD.


In Sight