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Voice Of Fairleigh Dickinson University 

Studio C/The Atomic Underground Grand Opening October 26, 2007

Live performances by Appalachian Uprising hosted by Carol Beaugard and
The Kerry Kearney Band hosted by Keith Mulhare

Take a video tour of our historic transmitter site and our station with Barry Sheffield


WFDU FM 89.1 Mhz on the dial -- the Radio Voice of Fairleigh Dickinson University forover 3 decades!

Since 1971, WFDU FM has provided distinctive entertainment shows and prize-winning public affairs programming for the tri-state metro area from studios on the Metropolitan (Teaneck, New Jersey) campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

With a staff of over forty University students and alumni as well as seasoned community volunteers, the station broadcasts from the historic Armstrong Tower in Alpine, New Jersey.

WFDU FM shares the 89.1 Mhz dial position with New York University's WNYU FM. WNYU FM is on the air weekdays from 4PM until 1AM the following day.

WFDU FM is professionally managed by two veteran broadcasters.

WFDU is Streamingontheweb

WFDU radio is now available on the World Wide Web. Here's what you need to do:
  • Make sure the time of day is part of WFDU's broadcast schedule, roughly 1:15AM to 3:45PM weekdays Eastern Time and around the clock on weekends.

    Click here for a World Time Zone Map.

  • Make sure your Internet computer is equipped to receive Windows Media streaming content. The appropriate software is available as a free download from Microsoft, whether for your PC or for Macintosh.

  • Then click the "On The Air - Warp Radio" picture below.

  • If you experience difficulty listening to WFDU-FM on the web, the contact procedure and email address for Bubba at WARPRADIO can be found at http://www.warpradio.com/contact.asp.

Wrap Radio

* TO LISTEN YOU NEED: Windows Media Player for PC or Macintosh. Click on the icon below to download.

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The site of world's first FM radio station, the tower is named in memory of Major   E. H. Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio.


DeForest, Armstrong & Sarnoff