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Evan Toth

Music America

Crash on the Levee
Good Music
Nothin' But the Blues
The Sounds of Blue
Lonesome Pine RFD
Let There Be Country
Music Palace
Bluegrass Express
Crescent City Roadhouse
Carnival of Song
Big Apple Country


Good Music with Evan Toth

Alternate Saturdays, 9:00AM to 12:00Noon Eastern Time


Good Music has a ridiculously simple goal:  to showcase good music. 

Whether he likes it or not, Evan Toth knows music. As a fan and a singer-songwriter, Toth has dedicated the majority of his life to creating, performing, and listening to music with those nearest and dearest to him. In his bi-weekly position as host of Good Music on WFDU 89.1FM, he can now share some of his favorite music with the greater New York metropolitan area.  

This will be much easier than trying to fit them all into his living room.  

This is not Toth’s first time at WFDU; his history with the station is long and storied. Having served as a copy editor, news and weatherman, host of The Front Porch and Crash on the Levee, and a former university student of program director, Barry Sheffield, Evan knows what makes WFDU tick and he wholeheartedly embraces the eclectic nature of the station. 

Evan’s personal musical tastes run alarmingly wild with abandon. Good Music will showcase the brilliance of the written song and the majesty of the timeless performance – both modern and classic – in an eclecticand exciting format. Evan thrives on diverse play lists and contextual curveballs; he isalways ready to provide some adventurously good listening.  

Naturally, a favorite focus of Evan’s is the singer-songwriter and their varied ways ofstorytelling. “There’s something about listening to the writer sing that’s always beenvery personal to me. Sure, someone else might sing the same song with more technicalskill, but the heart almost always lacks.”

Some of Evan’s favorites are: TheBeatles, Billy Joel, Jobim, Burt Bacharach, The Ventures, Chuck Berry, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, BobDylan, Emmit Rhodes, The Pixies, The Zombies and many more.“I believe records sound inherently better than any other media, I love that warm crackle!” Toth quips about his addiction to the golden vinyl format. Itis this format that he will strive to use as routinely as possible. Some selectionswill not be available, but the spirit of vinyl shall prevail.  

Another treat Toth’s listeners are in for is his desire to share local, regional – andsometimes international – artists who are still under-the-radar.If you are a singer-songwriter or a band with a strong focus on the songwriting craft,please drop him a line. 

Toth also enjoys offering his listeners premium ticket give-a-ways. 

For more information about Evan Toth, please go to: www.evantoth.com or www.myspace.com/evantoth

You can always IM him during the show at:  EvanToth

Send your questions, comments, and requests to:  E v a n @ e v a n t o t h . c o m